Our Mission

Inspired by Jewish values and the vision and resilience of our founder, David J. Azrieli z”l, the mission of Azrieli philanthropy is to improve the lives of present and future generations through Education, Research, Healthcare and the Arts mainly in Canada and Israel.

The foundation has eight priority funding areas: Education, Fellowships, Community, Holocaust Education & Legacy, Science, Research & Healthcare, Neurodevelopment, Architecture, Design & Engineering, and Music & Arts. Our activities reach a diversity of people, places and needs.

In addition to strategic philanthropic investments in organizations large and small, the foundation operates a number of programs including the Azrieli Prize in Architecture,  the Azrieli Fellows Program, the Azrieli Neurodevelopmental Research Program, the Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program and the Azrieli Music Prize.

30 years of creative and effective philanthropy

The Azrieli Foundation


The Azrieli Foundation is established by David J. Azrieli and begins to implement and extend his philanthropic vision in Canada and in Israel.
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A decade focused on strengthening institutions and sustaining excellence in Jewish, Holocaust and architectural education, the foundation funds long-term projects at Concordia, Technion, Tel Aviv, Carleton and Yeshiva Universities.


With a mission of empowering at-risk-youth and ensuring school perseverance, the Azrieli Institute for Educational Empowerment is created – reaching nearly 70,000 children in Israel to date.
Holocaust Memoirs


The Azrieli Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program is launched. With 75 survivor stories published to date, the Program’s innovative educational outreach has touched over 12,150 students across Canada, in 2017 alone, inspiring them toward inclusion and speaking up in the face of injustice.


The Azrieli Fellows Program is established. Identifying and generously supporting the best and brightest researchers in multiple fields working at all of Israel’s research universities, and establishing a network of leaders devoted to multidisciplinary and collaborative work, current and past Fellows now number 216.


Embarking on a mission to fund cutting-edge research in neurodevelopment, the Foundation launches the Azrieli Neurodevelopmental Research Program. With approximately $60 million invested to date, the foundation has enabled research that benefits people with neurodevelopmental disabilities.


The Azrieli Foundation’s cumulative donations surpass $100 million.


Recognising that music and the arts are vital endeavours that underpin creativity, communication and human development, the Azrieli Music Prize is established and strategic granting to music and arts institutions is significantly increased.


The foundation begins to drive breakthroughs in science and clinical medical research through multi-million dollar investments in world-class institutions in Canada and Israel.


With annual disbursements now reaching $80M per year, the foundation is poised to begin another 30 years of creative philanthropic leadership aimed at generating new knowledge and creating positive outcomes for future generations.
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